Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Part 2 of Creating a Bird Splicer Mask Inspired from Bioshock

This is part 2 of this post series - please check here to see part 1 if you haven't already read it.

Next week I'll be concluding Jareth's mask, but I just couldn't get it done in time for today's post, so I'm finishing up the Bird Splicer mask from Bioshock instead. 

Showing how to sew sequins last week led up to what I did next for this mask which was creating the sequined felt cover. I basically followed the steps from my video to cover an entire mask! It took a great deal of time; I was up from 10pm to 5am working on it one night and then finished it the next day in about 3 hours. So about 10 hours total to finish just this part of the mask. 

The sequined mask in progress

Once that was done it was time to gesso and paint: my favorite part! I gessoed the entire mask, every inch of it. Mainly because nothing sticks to plaster or clay, but it you gesso it, paint or glue will stick to the 'teeth' of the gesso. I then started to paint the feathers and beak a nice light brown called "Goose Feather." It seemed appropriate!

I had to paint several layers of this color before it got the right level of depth and then I covered that with 2 layers of a satin varnish so that it would shine. The bottle said to wait 24 hours between each layer of varnishing. I'm not sure why or if you absolutely have to, but I did anyway. It made progress on the mask SO SLOW though!

After the paint and varnish was finalized, the next step was to add all of the feathers to the back of the mask so they would stick out through the solid feathers. I just used a hot glue gun to do this adding a thin layer of down and then glued the larger Guinea quills over that. I layered about 3 of the quills in each section to give full coverage as well as a tapered effect. 

Then it was time to attach the felt lining to protect the face on the inside of the mask. I copied the outline of the original sequined mask at the top, but left some room to work with in case I had to trim it. The eye holes were cut out and then I started to attach it by hot gluing the mask starting at the eye holes. Then the sequined mask went on the front and after all fitting and touch ups we had almost a finished mask!

The only thing left to do, which was my one big goof up in this whole process was to find a way to wear it. Yes in all my excitement, I totally forgot to make holes on the sides of the mask! Honestly though, with the weight of this mask, about 1.4 pounds, the velcro fastenings I ended up using were the best bet. I made a 3 point harness of sorts which makes it attach very comfortably to the head. You can move around very freely in it and the velcro is very secure. I also added some foam to the point under the beak where it sets on your nose as it was a little uncomfortable without it on the bridge of the nose. 

3 point harness to wear it

This piece is now available for sale on Etsy HERE or you can contact me directly for purchase. I would be able to fully customize this mask with different color compositions. I am going to be starting another one, that is more owl-like, with a black/ white/ silver color theme as well. 

Thanks for Reading and Happy Creating!

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