Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Goblin King Art Print Now Available!

Awhile back, I made a post with a poll asking which prints people would be most interested in. Well, it sure took me awhile, as I had a baby in between this process, but I've finally gotten my first run of prints completed.

The first painting I chose to produce prints of was my Jareth the Goblin King painting titled "Within You." I actually kept this painting for myself and many friends and even people who have visited my home have expressed interest in this painting.
13" x 23" archival fine art print "Within You"
There are only 10 available as I'm printing them myself and to do it right is quite costly. They're archival and will last 100-150 depending on care given to the print. 9 different inks used on premium luster paper. They look absolutely amazing and make a fine replacement for the original. The margins are 1" wide and the overall dimensions are 13" x 23." I would have loved to do an actual reproduction to size which was 18" x 36" but I just don't have the room for a printer that large!

If you'd like to purchase a fine art print for your home collection, head on over to Etsy! They cost $81.33 with a USPS priority mail shipping cost of $7.85 (actual cost). Please click here to be redirected to my Etsy shop!

Thanks for Reading and Happy Creating!

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